Monday, December 20, 2010

Proud to Be a Part of the Red Cross

In the past year that I have been working with the American Red Cross in Salt Lake I have seen amazing things happen. I have witnessed inspiring people drop everything they were doing to to respond when a fire destroyed a family's home. I have seen volunteers like Evelyn Halstead from Utah travel across the country to help in National Disasters. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most extraordinary volunteers. And I have been witness to the comfort given after an individual's livlihood is destroyed by flames or flood.

As an AmeriCorps volunteer with the Red Cross I have preached preparedness on this blog and to the community with disaster presentations and fun facts to keep my friends and fellow Utahns prepared. I have learned so much about the Red Cross and all of the programs the organization can offer.

All of this is why giving to the Red Cross this holiday season with the Holiday Giving Campaign comes so easy. I urge all of you to make the choice to give gifts this season that save the day! A donation to the American Red Cross means blankets to families who may lose their home this winter due to a disaster, calling cards to soldiers overseas or water supplies to those affected by International Disasters.

Make your holiday dollars count with a donation to the incredible work of the Red Cross!

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