Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are you prepared for an earthquake?

A lot of people forget that here in the Salt Lake Valley we live on a fault line in earthquake territory, we could experience a 7.0 magnitude earthquake at anytime. To help our community as a whole be more prepared for such an event, we are participating in the Great Salt Lake Shakeout Earthquake drill next Tuesday April 17th.

To participate in the earthquake drill the Red Cross is opening up shelters, visit a Red Cross shelter during the drill to teach your family all about emergencies and preparedness.
It's a great opportunity to show your kids what it would be like if
disaster struck and you had to evacuate your home with only the clothes on your back. Teach your kids the importance of being prepared and to be aware of possible disasters.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Stay in a Red Cross Shelter During the Shakeout

The Great Salt Lake Shakeout is an Earthquake Drill for the Wasatch Front that close to 1 million people state wide are participating in.
The Red Cross is participating and testing their ability to shelter and feed large numbers of people.
Help the Red Cross Practice, and teach your family preparedness skills.
Stay in a Red Cross Shelter! Bring only your 72 hour kit, or if you don't have one just the clothes on your back. Experience what it would be like to stay in a shelter, and teach your kids about emergencies and preparedness.
The Red Cross needs people to stay in their shelters anytime between April 17th-19th, stay as long or as little as you'd like.
Sign up at the link below!