Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fire Response June 29, 2010

Yesterday I went on my first disaster response. We received a call at the office that a house in West Valley had caught fire. I have been itching to go on a response, so I jumped at the chance. With excitement and a little trepidation I went with Sherry and Kris on the response as a PIO/observer.

We arrived at the house; it was completely destroyed. I didn't expect to feel the intense emotions that overcame me. The couple, who have three children, were staring into their home in which nothing inside was recognizable except for a loose hanging chandelier; you could see through the roof. Their two pugs were inside, not able to make it out.

I completely forgot about taking pictures and getting the details to share with the American Red Cross community. My heart ached for this family. Sherry sat down with the home owner to fill out all of the required paperwork. I watched in earnest as Sherry informed him that we were able to help his family with food, clothing, and their necessary medication.

I finally began shooting with my new Flipcam. This is my first attempt at conveying the Red Cross mission through film. Nothing can compare to the despair I saw in the home owner's eyes, I hope this will show you what we do and how we help. When people are most vulnerable and devastated, the Red Cross is there to help.

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