Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Leadership Development Camp

This year was our third year doing a Leadership Development Camp here in the Utah Region and it was a total success! It was our first year using Camp Pinecliff , located 18 miles east of Coalville, and the location could not have been better! It provided a lovely outdoorsy and intimate setting for our 80 delegates to grow in.

The week began with our keynote speaker, Shawn Moon from Franklin Covey, who inspired the delegates greatly. Throughout the week we held general sessions and several breakout groups where delegates learned about leadership, personal values, diversity awareness and making a difference in the lives of others.  One of our biggest events was a panel of three executives who shared their experiences of success with the delegates. The panelists this year included: Jeremy Jones, a professional snowboarder; Reyes Aguilar of the College of Law at the University of Utah; and Phyllis Hockett, Cofounder of Pathway Associates.

 Other activities included: dancing, sports, teambuilding games and service projects that benefited the not for profit Pinecliff Camp. This truly powerful camp, developed and directed by Skip Morgan, impacted all the youth who attended. Here is what some of them had to say:
·         “My attitude towards myself has changed positively and that was a good thing. My behavior towards others has changed because I realize how judgmental and immature some of my thinking and acting was. My perception of others is now more equal and I feel I love everyone as a person.”
·         “My whole perspective on life has changed, I can do anything…”
·          “Over the past week my life has changed…”
·         “The way I see a leader being was something different than from what a leader truly is…”
·         “I learned what true leadership is…”
·         “I have learned to embrace diversity as a whole because it is not a bad thing…”
·         “This week I learned more about myself than I thought possible…”
·         “I’ve gained a brighter outlook on life in the past week…”
·         “I see myself as a much more optimistic person…”
·         “My attitude about life is much more positive. I know I can make a difference in this world.”
·         “I will never go back to who I used to be, I love the new me.”
·         “I really opened up to the profound effect I can have as a supporting leader as opposed to a directing leader.”
·         “EVERYTHING!!! Everything has changed since I’ve come to camp.”
·         “I have realized what a difference I can make in the lives of others if I am willing to put myself out there and be heard.”
·         “This has been the best week of my life! The best decision I have ever made…”
·         “LDC CHANGED MY LIFE!”
If you are interested in being a male volunteer staff person for next year or know of a youth in 9th, 10th or 11th grade interested in attending the 2013 camp next June, please see the youth page of our website and put your names on the waiting list ASAP. If you have questions, please contact

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