Tuesday, May 3, 2011

St. George Heroes

The St. George Heroes Event was today! Here are some of the Heroes that were honored...

Theodore Killinger
Adult Good Samaritan Hero Award: Snow Canyon High School students Alex Lambson and Dane Zdunich and their families will be forever grateful to the brave and heroic acts of school principal Warren Brooks, vice principals Paul Hurt and Conley Gali, social studies teacher Ron Hansen and resource officer Travis Brown.  On a mostly clear afternoon in October the two students were struck by lightning while standing next to a tree outside the school.  This tragic event was witnessed by many students and staff.  The four men took the lead to get the boys back in the school where they administered CPR until the Emergency Team took over.   Giving CPR immediately saved the lives of these two young men, who at the time showed no sign of life.  Mr. Brooks, Mr. Hurt, Mr. Gali, Mr. Hansen and Officer Brown worked as a team to restore the lives of Alex and Dane and joyfully reunite their families.

Diane Bates
Family Hero Award: Cory Arnett-Hauenstein exemplifies what it means to be family. What started off as a scenic drive on an off-road in New Harmony ended in tragedy as Cory’s babysitter, the driver, lost control of her vehicle which landed nose first in a 15-foot streambed. She was ejected from an open window and died instantly.  Cory, a 12-year old boy, initially blacked out but regained consciousness and tended to the other kids in the van ages 2, 3 and 4.  He pushed one child up the embankment while carrying a second in his arms and dragging the third with his leg.  He sheltered the children from the heat under a tree and then walked a mile to get help, where he flagged down an individual who fortunately happened to be a nurse.  Cory kept calm in a chaotic situation, reacting in a manner which demonstrated maturity way beyond his young age.

Brynn Mudliar
International Hero Award: James Stewart made two trips to Haiti to bring aid to those affected by the devastation caused by a massive earthquake.  He travelled very dangerous grounds in the midst of the chaos to find supplies including water, diapers, formula, food, medicine and medical supplies, which were not available to most, but needed by many.  He also helped organize the effort to ensure children from an orphanage were safely on a bus that took them to the airport, where they were flown to their new families waiting in Florida.  For those that remained behind, he promised a fresh water supply when he returned.  He fulfilled that promise during his second trip back by drilling and installing a well that supplied water to the orphanage and the community.  

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