Monday, May 9, 2011


The Cache Valley  Red Cross Heroes Awards Breakfast is this week! Check out the Cache Valley Heroes and their stories..

 May 10, 2011

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Utah State University Taggart Student Center / Walnut Room Room 215 • 900 East 700 North Logan, Utah

Please RSVP to (435) 752-1125 or

Decades of Service:  Blythe Ahlstrom has volunteered with the Cache County American Red Cross for over 20 yrs. He has served in a number of ways including disaster services (DAT team), health & safety (instructor), and in a number of positions on the Board of Directors. He has assisted with fundraisers, for example a fundraiser to acquire  our Disaster service Trailer and the Run for Red 5k race events. He has represented the Red Cross  at countless community booths, fairs, parades, and events such as the home & garden show. He has taught many training classes for our other volunteers and has responded to  countless disasters, both large and small. He has also been a great financial contributor, and has provided extensive support to all the employees that have served in the Cache Valley office. He will receive the 2011 Lifetime Hero Award. 

Food for the Needy:  Matthew Whitaker directs the Cache Community Food Pantry. Matt and his team serve as symbols of hope to the community and never hesitate to help those in need.  He treats everyone with hope, dignity and kindness.  He is cheerful and respectful to all, and speaks Spanish fluently.  He is generous with his time and talents, despite receiving no monetary compensation for his efforts. As one friend describes him, “Matt Whitaker is a man among men and stalwart example of all that is good within our community; he is a symbol of nobility and honor.  Even though Matt and I are roughly the same age, ‘when I grow up,’ I want to be just like him.” – Jeff Stout.  Matt will receive the 2011 Community Good Samaritan Award.

Neighbor in Danger:  Kaylee Ellertson is an 11-year-old girl who heard the sound of breaking glass at an elderly neighbor’s home and ran to render aid.  She found her  neighbor, Ms. Runae Steele, face-down on the ground in a pool of blood.  Ms. Steele had fallen and suffered serve facial trauma as well as  possible head, neck and spinal trauma.  Kaylee  quickly summoned medical personnel using the 911 phone system.  Kaylee’s  actions played a significant role in restoring the well-being of Ms. Steele. She will receive the 2011 Youth Good Samaritan Award. 

Explosive Rescue: On the morning of October 22, 2009, a large mushroom cloud of smoke appeared in the sky as a propane tank exploded in a nearby home.  Cache County Deputy Shane Zilles, off-duty and living just doors away, made an instant decision to rush to the scene,  where he jumped into action looking for survivors of this horrific event.  After tending to one victim, he began searching for the second by digging and sifting through burning rubble, risking personal injury and even the loss of his own life when a second explosion occurred.  Quickly locating the second victim, Deputy Zilles and another citizen carried the victim to a safe location out of harm's way.  Deputy Zilles' commendable service did not end there.  He began clearing debris from the roads to provide unimpeded access for emergency response vehicles.  It is certain  that without his assistance on that day, the outcome of this tragic event could have been far different.  He will receive the 2011 Law Enforcement Award.    

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