Thursday, May 19, 2011

AmeriCorps Week Continued..

The American Red Cross Utah Chapter has 6 AmeriCorps Members.. 
I handed out a survey to our AmeriCorps members so our blog followers could get to know them. The questions included..

Job Title:
Home town: 
Favorite Activity:
Favorite Food: 
If you could be any animal what animal would you be? why?

Gabi Roozee
Emergency Services 
Santa Cruz, San Jose, Chico California and Bend Oregon
Obsessively following the San Jose Sharks hockey
Kangaroo, because of Remi Gaillard (see youtube) 

Sarah Worlton
Emergency Services 
Lehi, Utah
Being with fun friends- laughing and sharing ideas
Crackers, cheese, cucumbers and hummus
A dolphin, I love to swim!

Miguel Silva
Health and Safety 
Born in Quezaltepeque, El Salvador. Raised in Concord, Calafornia. Now lives in Salt Lake City
Playing games and spending time with friends and family
Pupusas (from El Salvador)
Central American Leopard, cause they're cool. 

Linnea Fletcher 
Health and Safety 
West Jordan, Utah
Running, hiking and cycling
Mangos, chips and salsa
Cheetah, they run fast 

Page Neal
Communications and Marketing
South Ogden, Utah
Chocolate covered pretzels 
A penguin, everyone loves penguins! 

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