Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ogden Heroes Event is tomorrow! Here are the featured Heroes for Today..

First Responder: Michael Medina was walking past a home on 36th street when he noticed black smoke. He started banging on the door and dowsing the house with a garden hose. Ross Patterson, who lives across the street ran over and told Michael that an elderly, disabled man lives in the home. The two men made a spit second decision to break open the door. They heard the man moaning and ran into the smoke filled home. Through three foot tall flames, they were able to get to the man and pull him to safety.

Fire Rescue: Brothers, Steven & Michael Thornton came upon a duplex that had smoke coming from it. They rushed into the fire and pulled out a woman and her 6 grandchildren that were unaware of the danger they were in. The brothers grabbed a garden hose and broke into the other side of the duplex where an elderly man was lying on the floor. The brothers were unable to get the man out before an explosion forced them out of the duplex

Youth Good Samaritan: While eating lunch in the cafeteria at Weber High School Michael Cevering noticed a student with severe autism was choking. He noticed the boy was not breathing and administered abdominal thrusts. Michael’s quick reaction and training from his summer lifeguard job saved the life of his classmate.

Adult Good Samaritan: When a small plane crashed in a Roy neighborhood critically injuring the pilot, Gary Cox was one of the first people on the scene. Gary found the pilot, Clayton Roop lying in the road. Gary assessed Clayton’s signs and injuries. He noticed that Clayton was badly burned on his hands and face. Gary got him away from the danger of the airplane. Gary stayed with the pilot, asking him questions to kept him from going into shock until responders arrived.

With todays featured Heroes I want to ask everyone a question..

What drives someone to help an individual they don't know?

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