Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Ogden Heroes Event is TODAY!! 3 Heroes Events to go; Provo, St. George, and Logan!

Here are the featured Ogden Heroes for today...

Military Heroes: Capt. Ryan Lucero & Major Brian Bragg overcame poor communication & procedural limitations while on a mission in Afghanistan. Their efforts saved the lives of 24 U.S. Army troops and five civilians.

Community Safety: Through his career as an airman at Hill AFB, Shane Busshas been trained as a first responder. In October, while traveling on I-215, a vehicle lost control, struck the median and flipped onto its roof. Shane pulled over to assist the driver. Shane pulled the driver out of the vehicle and away from traffic. Shane assessed the driver for injuries and made sure the driver was safe and away from traffic. He then directed traffic until officers arrived at the scene.

Educator: Dale Covington has taken his own addiction recovery and turned it into his life’s work. Dale volunteers his time to educate and counsel addicts and families affected by drug & alcohol addiction through classes he teaches at Farmington Bay Detention Center, Davis County Jail, Hill AFB, Ogden Regional Medical Center, local churches, and schools.

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