Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vote for the American Red Cross

Please vote for the American Red Cross on the Target Facebook page.

This is your friendly reminder to vote today. There are 5 days left in Target's Bullseye Gives Campaign.

The American Red Cross has 25% of the vote and St. Jude has 26%. Every vote increases our share of the $3 million charitable contribution, so please remind your friends and family to vote once every 24 hours through May 25.

Here's why your vote is so important.

Every 24 hours:
American Red Cross volunteers help 200 families who lost everything in a house fire or other disaster
American Red Cross connects deployed service members with their families 475 times
19,000 people outside the United States receive urgent care from the Red Cross following a disaster
21,000 people receive a blood transfusion from a Red Cross donor
43,000 people receive life-saving Red Cross health, safety and preparedness training
290,000 children receive a measles vaccination from the Red Cross and partners

Login or signup to Facebook and go to

If you're unfamiliar with Facebook and need a bit more instruction for voting, please visit

Your Vote = Your Gift

Thank you for helping your American Red Cross!

While you are on Facebook, feel free to search for the Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter Facebook page and click to become a fan of your local Red Cross Facebook page.

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