Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Target Supports Your Favorite Charity

We need your help! From May 10 - 25, Target is allowing its Facebook "friends" and store guests to chose which of 10 national charities and causes-including the American Red Cross-should receive a portion of $3 million in charitable giving from Target.

We need you to ask your own Facebook friends to help us out by voting for Red Cross every day through May 25th. Go to Target's Bullseye Gives page on Facebook and vote Red Cross! "Your vote = your gift."


1. Login or Sign Up on Facebook


Click "Submit Vote" button next to Red Cross

2. If this is your first time voting, a box will appear that asks you to "Accept" this application. Please accept it.

3. In subsequent voting, this step will be skipped and you'll be navigated directly to step 6.

4. A box will appear that allows you to type a message to your Facebook friends telling them why you chose to vote for the Red Cross and encouraging them to do the same.

5. What you type in this box will appear in your friends' news streams.

6. That's it! Congratulations!

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