Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red Cross Helps Young Mother After Building Collapse

caption: Regina Ordendain and her 2 month old baby Laila in the Red Cross Shelter

Young mother, Regina Ordendain, appreciated having a warm, safe place to spend the night for herself and her 2 month old baby after she was evacuated from her apartment building in the middle of the night on April 16th due a structural collapse. Regina told the Red Cross, “I was so glad to have a place to sleep! I was tired and the baby slept great through this whole thing.” The Red Cross provided shelter to 11 people who were displaced in the early morning hours after hearing loud cracking sounds and feeling their building drop 6 inches below them.

The Red Cross will be helping Regina and up to 40 additional people affected by the evacuation in the coming days if they need shelter, food, clothing or assistance finding a new place to live.

caption: Sky Ibarra left, Cassandra Coplin 8 months pregnant center and Regina Ordendain and her baby Laila in the Red Cross Shelter.

She and her neighbors and friends Sky Ibarra and Cassandra Coplin were all forced out of the building at about 2:00 in the morning. A Disaster Action Team of volunteers were on the scene right away to offer comfort and help with immediate, essential needs. Sky and Cassandra were very grateful to the Red Cross for setting up a shelter in the middle of the night and offering them a place to stay and showing them that someone cared. Cassandra, who is 8 months pregnant was especially grateful for a nice, big breakfast this morning.

The Red Cross is fielding calls from many of the residents today who may need help.

After lunch, the shelter will close today. The building management has located several vacant apartments for the evacuees to move into. The building management will borrow cots from the Red Cross for a few days.

Smith’s Marketplace graciously donated breakfast and lunch for the evacuees at the shelter today.

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