Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red Cross Fun/Fundraiser with Utah Grizzlies

This Saturday, April 4th at 7:00 pm, the Utah Grizzlies Battle Alaska at the E Center. It is the last hockey match of the season!!!! The hockey match will also serve as a special Red Cross fundraiser! Red Cross fans and volunteers will be on hand to offer a couple of fun Red Cross surprises at the event including:

A Red Cross Chuck-a-Puck ! Grizzly fans can buy a few pucks, throw them onto the ice at half time, and whoever gets their puck in the very center of the arena wins prizes! Part of the proceeds go to the local American Red Cross Chapters in Utah!

Pump & Dump – During one of the intermissions, adults and kids can go to the concourse to participate in “Pump & Dump”. You show off your Red Cross CPR skills by pumping – or compressing – a dummy or a nerf-like-ambulance to show off your CPR skills and then you dump out the change from your pockets into a Red Cross donation jug. The CPR experts on hand will let you know if you are compressing correctly and show you how to make a proper CPR compression.

Also, during one of the intermissions you’ll learn a little bit about what the Red Cross does in your community and nationwide Donation cans will be passed through the rows for donations to the national Disaster Relief Fund.

It will be fun. Grizzlies games are fun!

Call me with any questions and I’ll be there that night also, so call my cell if you need me when you get there. 801-707-7535 Susan

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