Thursday, February 12, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (February 11, 2009)— The Utah state legislature has passed a bill that could help you… to help others. Utah House Bill 31, the Utah Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Act, provides immunity from civil liability for people who try to save someone’s life by performing CPR or using an AED. The bill protects individuals even if they are not trained. The bill passed the House and Senate and is awaiting a signature at this hour.

Now, that there is civil immunity, the Red Cross wants to take this opportunity to remind Utahns to sign up for CPR/AED training. Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter CEO, Maxine Margaritis, highly encourages Utahns to be properly trained in lifesaving skills. Margaritis said, “The research shows us that those who have been trained are more likely to respond to help someone, and they also have a higher success rate to save a life.”

Margaritis encourages all Utahns to call their local Chapter of the American Red Cross to sign up for a class and get trained in lifesaving skills.

To sign up for a class contact your local chapters in Ogden, Provo and Salt Lake City, as listed below.

The Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter classes can be found by calling 801-323-7000 or online at <> click on Take A Class or go directly to this link:

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