Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lifeguard Saves Life Thanks to Red Cross Training

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (February 11, 2009) — The Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter of the American Red congratulates 25 year old Cottonwood Heights Lifeguard Corey Fischer! Trained in Red Cross lifesaving skills, Corey was called to put his skills to work in a recent life threatening emergency. Two weeks ago, a man in his 50’s was working out at the fitness club and suddenly collapsed! Corey was over by the swimming pools and was called to the scene. Corey explains, “He was working out and had a massive heart attack. My training just kicked in. I didn’t really have to think, I just reacted. Afterward everyone told me it went really smoothly.” Corey worked to save the life of the stranger using CPR and several shocks with an AED until an ambulance arrived and took the man to the hospital. Those important first minutes can make the difference in a life or death for a victim of cardiac arrest. Corey’s patient is alive and recovering from the ordeal.

For information on American Red Cross CPR and AED training: Visit www.utahredcross.org> <
or call 801-323-7000.

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