Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Fires of 2012

With the high number of uncontrollable wildfires Utah has been facing in recent weeks, the American Red Cross Utah Region has opened several evacuation centers for families in danger. The most recent information is below:

Active Red Cross Shelters and Reception Centers in Utah
as of: Thursday, June 28, 2012—12:08 a.m.

Oak City Wildfire: Red Cross reception center for evacuees open in Delta in an LDS meetinghouse located at 130 White Sage Avenue. It is no longer housed in the Palladium at Delta High School.

New Harmony Wildfire: Reception center in Cedar City currently closed, but may re-open, if needed.

Seeley Wildfire: Red Cross shelter for evacuees open in Wellington in an LDS meetinghouse located at 930 east Main Street.

Wood Hollow Fire: Red Cross Shelter in Mt. Pleasant at North Sanpete High School remains open.

*Reception centers, which typically provide snacks, water and information to evacuees, will transition into full-service Red Cross shelters if overnight stays are needed. All shelters and reception centers will remain open as long as they are needed.

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