Monday, June 4, 2012

CPR- Know it when you need it!

Teri used her training to save her grandson’s life.

Andrew was seven years old when he tried to catch a grape in his mouth. He caught it and we all clapped, but he didn’t reply,” Teri said. “He dropped to the ground and I jumped up and rolled him over. His lips were turning blue and he had the most terrifying look on his face. I was scared, but because of my training I didn’t panic.

“I checked his air way and there was no way to reach in and grab it, so I rolled him over and gave him two sharp blows between his shoulder blades. The grape didn’t budge so I gave him some abdominal thrusts and that grape shot out like a bullet. He gasped for air, grabbed me and held on so tightly, tears ran down both our faces. Thank you for teaching me all I know because it allowed me to hear my grandson say afterward ‘Grandma I couldn't breathe. I love you grandma’. He is alive today because of the knowledge I learned in your CPR/First Aid training class. God Bless the American Red Cross.”

Teri stays prepared to protect her family; why do you?

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