Friday, September 9, 2011

Second Annual Autumn Gourmet Gala

American Red Cross Guest Blogger:  Trina Polta

Prepare to temp your taste buds during the Second Annual Autumn Gourmet Gala.  The upcoming American Red Cross benefit event is scheduled to take place on October 6th from 6-9 PM. It will be a night of elegant food, drinks and an opportunity to bid your way into taking home some luxury custom packages.
Picture yourself taking a breather from your daily life.  You are gazing at beautiful mountain views from Earl's Lodge located at the Snowbasin Ski Resort, and indulging yourself by going out with the girls (or your special someone) on a week night! It's out of your daily routine, and you will surely ENJOY the excitement of it all.  Dare I say...let's just make it a kick off to a three day weekend.  Why not schedule Friday off of work? 

The premier restaurants looking forward to plating their signature edible art include Corbin's, Jasoh, Rooster's Brewing Company, Snowbasin Ski Resort, Tona, Zucca, MacCool's, Harley and Bucks, and Davis Hospital.  Tables of eight ($800) or individual tickets ($100) can be purchased by calling 801-625-0865.  One hundred percent of the proceeds will go directly to the American Red Cross.   

To purchase tickets as well as inquire about more event details, please contact Stephanie Christiansen by phone 801-625-0865.

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