Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Being Prepared for Flooding

Flood! It's the 5 letter word that Utahans dread hearing! It seems that every spring Utah experiences some type of flooding. This year with the large amount of snow pack, rain, and rising temperatures Utah is experiencing an increased amount of flooding.

There are many different ways to prepare for flooding;
  • Having a 72 Hour Kit
  • Being prepared to evacuate if told to do so
  • Listen to the area radio and television stations
  • Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood danger
You can visit www.utahredcross.org for a variety of different preparedness information 

Another necessity in being prepared for a flood and my personal favorite...


Rain boots are an absolute must and thankfully for us are a huge trend. Rain boots range from all prices and all styles. From the very basic to designer, there is a rain boot for everyone. Here are some of my favorites..

Oh and Men I didn't forget about you...

Rain boots are sold at a variety of stores. Stay safe and remember your BOOTS!

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