Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Provo Heroes Event is today!! Here are the featured heroes for today, check out their incredible stories..

Risking His Own Life to Protect Others: Utah High Patrol Trooper Cameron Carter risked his life when he positioned his car in front of a wrong way DUI driver on I-15 and the driver collided head-on with his car. Trooper Cameron Carter risked his own safety to protect the motoring public. He is being recognized as the 2011 Law Enforcement Hero.

Helping the Sick and Needy one Hat at a Time: Hal Farnsworth has been making hats for cancer patients, homeless people, and people in Africa who worry about insects in their hair for 11 years. Hal, 89, has weaved over 4,300 hats since 1999 when he created a wooden loom for one of his grandchildren. As a World War II Navy radar specialist and electronics engineer, Hal has traveled to all 50 U.S. states and 48 foreign countries. He has modified inventions of tools for military radar installations and served in three wars. He has been married to his wife Lena for over 70 years and is being recognized as the 2011 Community Good Samaritan Hero.

Compassion in the Midst of War: Layne Pace, Fire Battalion Chief for the City of Orem, is founder of and president of The Afghan Orphan Project (TAO) to bring hope and opportunity to Afghan children. While serving in Afghanistan with the National Guard’s 211th Aviation Regiment, Layne and his fellow soldiers worked to alleviate the suffering of this war devastated country by funding, building and sustaining the largest orphanage in Afghanistan, the “Khalakhan Orphanage”. In Afghanistan, an overwhelming number of children are abandoned, orphaned, abused and living on the streets. The care of orphans and street children is among the primary concerns of the TAO Project. In December 2010, the TAO helped a female orphan obtain a new prosthetic leg donated by Hanger Prosthetics of Murray because the old prosthetic was too short making it painful for her to walk. For his off duty work to help others while actively deployed, Layne is being recognized as the 2011 Military Rescue Hero.

Hard Work Bears Fruit: Bret Van Leeuwen has travelled to Kenya 20 times since 2001. He founded Koins for Kenya an organization which has built 20 schools and educated 5,300 students. Koins for Kenya has no paid staff, no over-head, and no administrative costs. A hundred percent of all Koins for Kenya donations are used for projects which improve the rural communities in Kenya and involve the labor of local villagers to create long-term solutions for everyday problems. Koins works to create self-sustaining programs and educate the workforce. Bret is being recognized as the 2011 International Good Samaritan Hero.

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