Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Electrifying Red Cross Program

Trina Polta is a guest blogger for the American Red Cross in Utah. This time she is highlighting one of our seasonal programs.

Utility Assistance

Beyond the highly publicized American Red Cross disaster services there are many other aid programs, including our Utility Assistance program.  In 2010 American Red Cross assisted just over four thousand homes in Utah regarding utilities services.  The Utility Assistance program provides emergency monetary support to qualifying individuals.  Utahans experiencing hardship with paying their bills during the winter season may seek help for one or more of the following utilities Questar, Riverton City Water, Rocky Mountain Power, or Salt Lake City Water

Program Qualification

People seeking help, should know to qualify you must meet at least these specifications:

  • Considered living on a low income wage AND also meet one of the listed items below.
  • Item 1: Individuals must be 60 years or older
  • Item 2: Or you must be on permanent disability
Steps To Getting Help

  1. Contact the Home Energy Assistance Target 

    (HEAT) program at 801-521- 6107 first

  2. If you have a shut off notice, you may go to the HEAT office in your area
  3. Review program information on the HEAT website 
  4. If you have already worked with HEAT AND still need Red Cross assistance call us at 801-323-7000
  5. When leaving us a voice message at 801-323-7000 make sure to state your name and a daytime phone number 
Program Funding

Funding consists of various charitable gifts from these main sources:

  • Utility employees and stockholders donations
  • Local resident contributions made with their utility payments
  • Direct donations given to the American Red Cross (Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter)

Other Program Details

Assistance is not intended to relieve individuals of their responsibilities, but is meant to assist them while they develop practical plans for meeting their own needs. 

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