Friday, November 5, 2010

Use your Extra Hour to Prepare!!

This weekend we will mysteriously go back in time... That's right the weird phenomenon of Daylight Savings, practiced in every state but Arizona and Hawaii, occurs this Sunday morning. How will you use your extra hour? Will you sleep the hour away? Will you finally have time to clean house? Or will you take that hour and prepare?

The Red Cross recommends that you take this time to update your 72-hour kit. Check the food in your kit, is it about to expire? Does it look a little sketchy? Do the batteries in your flashlight still work? Do you have all important documents and some extra cash? Use your extra hour to check. Here's a list of items we recommend you have.

And while you're at it, check the batteries in your smoke alarms and make sure there is one on every floor of your house and in every bedroom. If you decide to replace your smoke alarms all together, make sure you don't put the old ones in your attic like Phil Dunphy did on Modern Family last night. Because when you hear that chirp, not only is it highly annoying, it also means you could be in danger if there is a fire in your house. For more preparedness tips check out

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