Friday, October 8, 2010

Share Your Impact

What's your Impact? This Sunday is 10-10-10. While many people will probably be marking this day by getting married, the Red Cross has a different idea about how to celebrate the occasion. Check out the One Day on Earth website to find out how you can share your Red Cross story with the world. Below are the guidelines for defining and sharing your impact. Let the creativity commence!


1. Identify a word or two that is a description of how you define your impact within the Red Cross. For example: Blood, Support, Relief, etc. Be creative!

2. Write your impact word on a sign that you can hold while being filmed.

3. Find a unique location that you have impacted and tell us your name and Impact word on video while holding the sign towards camera.

4. Increase your impact by taking things further. Use the day to document, with video, how you support the Red Cross: giving blood, volunteering, working on the front lines. Show us your daily impact with the Red Cross, so that we can showcase it to the world.

5. When you upload your video please be sure to tag it to the "American Red Cross".

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