Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have you taken Pet First Aid?

I have never been a dog person. In fact, the only pets we ever had growing up were rabbits who stayed outside and were hardly considered family (especially because none of them lasted more than a year). My sister is getting married next month and we have a new addition to our family. Not only my soon to be brother-in-law Zack but his son, Fenway. Fenway is a beautiful chocolate lab who spends evenings and sometimes weekends hanging out with us when Zack is over.

I didn't used to like Fenway, in fact I spent many a day complaining about the hair he left in our living room and his bowl of water in our kitchen that I tripped on a few times. Now I think I'm in love!

Fenway is part of our family now and the other day we even snuggled on the recliner together. And believe it or not I didn't freak out when he gave me a wet sloppy kiss.

Because of this "revelation" of sorts I am now going to sign up for the Red Cross pet first aid class and have encouraged Zack to do the same. I even printed out a disaster safety checklist for pets. And now I am seriously considering getting a dog of my own.

So if you're best friend, son or daughter is an animal, it would be wise for you to take our pet first aid class and learn how to save their life. Just like all parents should know Infant/Child CPR, all pet owners should know first aid for their animals. So sign up for a class today, or contact our Preparedness Health and Safety Department at 801-323-7029.

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