Thursday, August 5, 2010

Earthquakes! Are you prepared for the "big one"?

This past weekend I had an adventure of a lifetime. My family and I went on a river trip down the Green River for three days. The scenery was breathtaking and there was so much to see. From petroglyphs to markings from the first explorers of the river back in 1838. There were white water rapids as well as relaxing currents to float through.

The majority of our time on the river I was staring up at the red rocks and the Uinta Mountain Range. We also passed by a couple different faults including the Mitton Park Fault. Seeing the distinct lines of the fault (and of course volunteering full-time here at the Red Cross) immediately had my mind racing about earthquakes.

Mitton Park Fault along the Green River
“They” keep saying we’re due for a huge earthquake. In fact, search and rescue teams and fire fighters are doing a big earthquake drill out in Sandy as we speak (Red Cross volunteers will provide meals for the teams over the next two days.)

So what have you done to prepare yourself and your family for the “big one” that is supposed to affect most of the Wasatch Front? Do you have a 72-hour kit? Is your home earthquake safe? Are you Red Cross Ready?

Become prepared for the “big one” or any disaster with tips and tools on our website. To purchase preparedness kits and safety tools, check out our online store. And share your tips and tricks with others here on the blog or through our Facebook fan page.

Make it a family event to Be Red Cross Ready!!

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