Monday, August 30, 2010

Another real-life CPR/AED situation-Would you know what to do??

At Seven Peaks Water Park this weekend, an EMT and a few lifeguards were called to help a man who appeared to be unconscious.

Here is the story through the eyes of Jeff, the EMT who responded to the situation…

I responded to a Lifeguard's code 3 whistle on top of the slide tower and came on scene to a middle aged male lying on the floor. His face was blue and he was gasping for air every 20 seconds or so. His eyes were open and he seemed slightly conscious, but we could not find a pulse and CPR was started immediately. A patron who was an RN and on scene started compressions and one of the lifeguards was giving breaths. I made sure someone was calling 911 and contacted first aid over the radio to bring the AED. After several cycles of CPR, we hooked up the AED, which analyzed the victim and did not advise a shock. Another lifeguard arrived on scene and helped with compressions.

The interesting thing about the whole situation was that it wasn't your typical unconscious and not breathing scenario. At times he seemed like he was coming to. His eyes were open most of the time and he would gasp for air randomly. In real life scenarios, it isn't as easy as one would think to assess the victim.

After more CPR cycles the AED re-analyzed the victim and advised to shock. We shocked and continued CPR until paramedics arrived and took over the scene. They hooked him up to their monitor and stopped CPR. It seems that before he left he had become stable enough that CPR was no longer needed, which was really good to see.

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