Monday, July 12, 2010

6 Month Haiti Update

It's been 6 months since the devastating earthquake hit the country of Haiti. While Haiti hasn't been in the news lately, and the initial surge in support and donations is over, the global Red Cross network hasn't stopped working since January 12th.

Here are some fast facts about what the Red Cross is doing
The global Red Cross network is providing:

• Emergency shelter materials for 625,000 people

• Cash grants and microloans to help nearly 210,000 people

• Water for 280,000 people each day

• Food for 1.3 million people for one month

• Disaster preparedness activities to protect 500,000 people

• Medical care and/or health education for 435,000 people

• Semi-permanent shelters to house 165,000 people

• Latrines for 238,000 people

• Emergency supplies for 125,000 people for use during hurricane season

For more on what the Red Cross is providing, read the 6 month progress report