Friday, May 7, 2010

Fire Safety Tips

In the wake of the tragic fatal fire in West Valley City, your local American Red Cross encourages all Utah families to review basic fire prevention and fire safety tips. It is so important to be teach kids to get out of the house when there is a fire.

Contact your local Red Cross Chapter if your group would like the Red Cross to share a presentation on fire safety or other preparedness topics.

Make your home fire-safe
Smoke alarms save lives. Install a smoke alarm outside each sleeping area and on each additional level of your home.
•If people sleep with doors closed, install smoke alarm inside sleeping areas too.
•Use the test button today. Check your alarm. Is it working? Replace all batteries at least once a year.
•Have one or more working fire extinguishers in your home. Get training from your fire department in how to use them.
•Consider installing an automatic fire sprinkler system in your home.

Plan Escape Routes
•Determine at least two ways to escape from every room of your home.
•Consider escape ladders for sleeping areas on second or third floors. Learn how to use them and store them near the window.
•Select a location outside your home where everyone would meet after escaping.
•Practice your escape plan at least twice per year.

Escape Safely
•Once you are out, stay out! Call the fire department from a neighbor’s home or a mobile phone.
•If you see smoke or fire in your first escape route, use your second way out. If you must exit through smoke, crawl low under the smoke to your exit.
•If you are escaping through a closed door, feel the door first before opening it, if it is warm, use your second way out.
•If smoke, heat or flames block your exit routes, stay in the room with the door closed, and signal for help using a bright colored cloth at the window. If there is a telephone in the room, call the fire department and tell them where you are.

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