Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My what a busy week; Thank you DAT volunteers!!

It has been a crazy week for the Salt Lake Area Chapter and it’s only Wednesday. This week our awesome DAT (Disaster Action Team) volunteers have responded to THREE fires.

On Friday night a duplex caught on fire displacing two families from Somalia. A shelter was set up in order to provide 19 family members with immediate needs such as food, clothing, and water. The Red Cross worked with other agencies over the weekend as well in order to provide individuals and families with any long term needs.

After a fire on Tuesday, a family with five children was displaced and the Red Cross was able to provide them with immediate needs.

In the early hours of this morning, a fire destroyed an entire apartment complex leaving 12 people displaced, ten adults and two kids. Any immediate needs will be met by the Red Cross including a possible shelter opening for the night.

Thank you to all the volunteers who were on the scene helping or on call and ready to help when needed. We at the Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter are so grateful for the hard work you do and all of the hours you put in. The work you do is incredible and a huge asset to the community.

To be involved as a Red Cross volunteer contact our office 801-323-7000 or

For fire safety tips and ways you can be prepared at your own home in case of a fire click HERE

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