Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eclectic, Creative, Ingenious, and Fantastic: Todd Keith and Renee Lee

Eclectic, creative, ingenious, and fantastic; these are only a few of the words that can be used to describe Renee Lee and Todd Keith. Both enormously talented photographers, they are committed to humanitarian causes and have a particular devotion to the Red Cross. Their photos have enlivened the pages of this newsletter and have helped communicate the impact of the Red Cross in action to the larger community.

Renee and Todd, both disaster trained volunteers receive calls often in the middle of the night to go out to a fire or other disaster and capture images of Red Cross volunteers in action. Todd notes that their work requires a great deal of sensitivity; they are not there to sensationalize suffering but to share through powerful imagery the important work of the Red Cross. Before photographing anyone, Renee and Todd introduce themselves, explain why they are there and request subjects to sign a photo release.

In addition to shooting Red Cross emergency response efforts, Todd and Renee took portraits of award recipients for the annual Heroes event as well as the event itself. When the Red Cross took holiday cards made by school children to patients at the VA Hospital, when poinsettias donated by Smith’s were delivered to friends of the Red Cross during the holidays and when the Red Cross set up aid stations at regular venues like First Night and Red Butte concerts, Renee and Todd made sure to capture the moment.

Their work in stock photography is an asset when the local chapter needs images that will compel people to read brochures for babysitting classes and CPR training. Their professionalism, extraordinary talent and generosity combine to provide tremendous support for the work and mission of the Red Cross.

Check out Todd and Renee's amazing photos on their website:

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