Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stan's Day in American Samoa

Stan's Blog from American Samoa
Stan is a Red Cross Disaster Volunteer for the Red Cross on Deployment in American Samoa

It ended up a great day with us giving out a lot of food to a lot of grateful people.

We staged the food to be delivered by trucks so we could hit the ground running at 2 pm, but at noon, there was a 6 point 2 earthquake 120 miles off our southern coast and everyone got the tsunami frights. So I called our Administrator and told him our local village Chief wanted us to make haste and start giving out the goodies so the villagers didn't have to wait until they were surfing their way to higher ground , which we did in an hour and a half. Then we were out of there.

When I returned, I learned that Hawaian Air had cancelled the Wednesday flight so we are all booked on the Thursday red eye out of here.

See you very soon.

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