Monday, July 27, 2009

Red Cross Helps Up to 40 People After Ogden Blaze

Red Cross Helps Up to 40 People After Ogden Blaze

Ogden, UTAH (Sunday, July 16, 2009) — The American Red Cross in Northern Utah is on the scene right now for dozens of people (up to 40) affected by an apartment fire in Ogden. The Disaster Action Teams are on the scene at this hour (9:00 pm) assessing the needs of the families and individuals affected. The volunteers are hosting a reception and information center at 23rd Street and Quincy. If needed, the Red Cross will open a shelter to provide a place to sleep, meals, and immediate essential needs for those affected. Many of the residents speak Spanish and the Red Cross has translators on the scene to assist them.

The Red Cross is also helping with a canteen for firefighters working at the fire.

Red Cross Chapters in Utah respond to up to 200 incidents each year, some of them render multiple families homeless. Nationwide, the American Red Cross’s local chapters help victims of major and minor disasters by offering immediate comfort, which may include food, a warm place to stay, clothing and other life necessities. Volunteers give comfort kits to victims of fire, flood or other disasters. The kits include helpful items like toothbrushes, toothpaste and a toy for children.

How People Can Help:

Help people affected by disasters by donating to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, or your local Chapter. On those rare occasions when donations exceed Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters.

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