Monday, December 15, 2008

Helping Those In Need

The American Red Cross Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter continues to help about 40 people who are in need help with food, clothing and finding a new place to live just 2 weeks before Christmas. The local Chapter's disaster relief volunteers responded to a call in the middle of the night after a 4-alarm fire affected 2 buildings at an apartment complex on Saturday, December 13th. Two buildings were evacuated at the Incline Terrace apartments at 1044 E. 400 S. Building B residents were able to go back home, Building A residents can not go home to about 40 units.

The Red Cross opened a shelter at a nearby LDS church building at 1100 E. 454 S. About 15 people utilized the shelter that first night. Red Cross Disaster Volunteer, Jo-Lynn Hatch was on the scene and said, "Many of these people have lost everything they had." The Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter will continue to work with the individuals in the coming days to help them get through the trauma of this fire and to help them get back on their feet. The Greater Salt Lake Area Chapter of the American Red Cross responds to up to 100 incidents each year, some of them render multiple families homeless. Nationwide, the American Red Cross’s local chapters help victims of major and minor disasters by offering immediate comfort, which may include food, a warm place to stay, clothing and other life necessities. Volunteers give comfort kits to victims of fire, flood or other disasters. The kits include helpful items like toothbrushes, toothpaste and a toy for children. If you’d like to help, financial donations are always accepted to help victims of this fire and other disasters in your community.

For more information about donating to the Chapter Emergency Services please go to or call 801.323.7000.


JB said...

People doing this work cannot be thanked enough. Any of us could find ourselves in such need.

Thank You!

zgb said...

There are so many good people working hard....pass on the feebies
I work in the office and only the exetives get all the freebies...what a joke...check it out

zgb said...

like concert tickets give it to the people who could use a night out